Linda Shayne is a feature film and TV writer and director. Shayne graduated with highest honors from the University of California at Berkeley. She received a federal grant to study adult autism and her published work includes papers on ex-offenders from San Quentin State Prison.

Shayne began working in film for the iconic Roger Corman and then went on to write for Disney, Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment. Shayne has written for Showtime and has directed a film for Paramount and episodic TV for Nickelodeon. Shayne recently directed a dramatic short film that got picked up for worldwide distribution. Shayne is in development on a film based on letters she has the rights to between Albert Einstein and his first wife and two sons.

Shayne has developed dramatic movies for Showtime, Muse Entertainment of Montreal, X-Filme of Germany and a romantic comedy for Patriot Entertainment and others. She has created two scripted TV series for Quincy Jones' company QDE, developed a TV pilot for Mottola Entertainment and is currently writing a TV pilot that takes place in a Federal Prison.

Shayne began by directing second unit for Roger Corman’s company and then went onto direct a film starring Ned Beatty, Neil Patrick Harris, Shelley Winters and Thora Birch. Shayne directed a film for Paramount, shot in Romania and she directed the family film, "Undercover Kid", released on Warner Bros. video and aired on HBO Family. Shayne's first feature, "Purple People Eater", garnered actress Thora Birch a Youth in Film Award and the movie aired on Disney Channel for several years.

Shayne recently had published some fictional short stories and the English translation of Dord Krstic's non-fiction book: "Mileva and Albert Einstein: Their Love and Scientific Collaboration," sold at the Einstein Museum House in Switzerland. Shayne recently wrote a children’s book that Emmy Award winning animator, Art Leonardi, illustrated, entitled “Longfellow Finds a Home.”